HECTOR ROSE pieces are created to liven your walls,
to put a smile on your face,
for lazy Sundays at home
and for you to enjoy for years to come.

Our goal is to inspire you everyday by bringing beautiful photography, texture and design to your home. The entire HECTOR ROSE collection has been designed by us. Using original photography and artwork for each design, we have created beautiful and unique pieces for the home.

We believe in quality, not quantity. All our materials are natural or recycled and everything is designed, printed and made in Australia.

Welcome to HECTOR ROSE!

A little about me... While I am not a morning person (at all!), breakfast and a good coffee truly inspires my soul. I love good design, photography, freshly cut flowers, board games, toasted marshmallows and exploring new places.

The HECTOR ROSE journey started with a simple idea – take my photography and turn it into high-quality, unique items for the home. I set up my HQ in the spare room of our house, built myself a desk, bought a whiteboard (a must have for any lover of a good to-do list) and got to work. There have been moments of insanity (talking to yourself is normal right?) and there have definitely been moments where I had bitten off more than I could chew… but what's life without a little adventure?

I hope you love the Hector Rose range as much as I loved creating it for you.

♥ Ash

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My Pop (Hector) and my Nan (Joyce, aka Rose) are the inspiration behind the HECTOR ROSE name. Growing up I loved going to their house to visit. Nan and Pop were always waiting for us to arrive with big smiles and open arm bear hugs. It was a magical place because it was their home - it was just ‘Nan and Pop’.

Their home told their story. Poppy had built this house, and together with Nan’s style, they made it a beautiful home. Nan’s garden was especially beautiful. We would always get a 'garden tour' when we visited. There was always a new addition to the garden to see. The roses that lined the front fence were particularly stunning and caught the attention of all the passers by. To this day they are still the best roses I have ever smelt.

I am lucky enough to still have my Nan around to share this with. And while Nan no longer lives in the same house, her garden is just as magnificent.