#littletoorak bathroom after

#littletoorak bathroom after

#littletoorak bathroom after. Carrara marble hexagon feature tile. Walk in shower. Rain shower head.

#littletoorak bathroom after. Custom timber vanity. Large mirrored cabinet. Grey bathroom. Cararra Marble tiles.

I am so in love with our new #littletoorak bathroom. It turned out even better than I had imagined. Can you remember what this bathroom looked like before? It's almost hard to believe this is the same space. I promise it is! The design is super simple, but it’s light, bright, and full of character. It is such a nice space to be in now. There is plenty of room to move, a butt load of storage and the colour pallet is earthy and calming.

Just incase you have forgotten, (or just want a little refresher) here is a good ol' fashioned before and after for you... You can also see more before shots here too.

#littletoorak bathroom before and after. Bathroom renovation. 50's bathroom renovation.The old hallway cupboard was removed and is now the new entry into the bathroom. The existing doorway was closed off and a translucent glass window was installed to allow light to flow from the bathroom into the hallway.  

When we were planning the #littletoorak bathroom renovation, the most important thing for us was to maximise the tiny space. Lining all the plumbing along one wall and removing the hallway cupboard has definitely achieved this. We couldn't be happier with the layout. No more knocking into walls while trying to dry yourself! And can we talk about the walk-in-shower for a second? Pure luxury. With no tub in the way it also makes the bathroom feel more open. I love no longer needing to step in and out of a narrow bath, and having a shower curtain that keeps sticking to my legs. And let's not forget to mention the Methven Twin Shower Head! The rain shower head is soooo gooood! But the hand shower is a must if you actually want to be able to clean your shower easily. Best of both worlds!

#littletoorak bathroom after. walk-in-shower. Carrara marble hexagon tiles. Grey Bathroom. Bathroom Renovation.

The splurge area in the #littletoorak bathroom was, without a doubt, the tiles. I didn't go crazy but there were definitely cheaper options out there. We averaged about $60/sqm. This was a balance between the more expensive feature wall and floor tiles and the less expensive matte white wall tiles. Mixing tiles like this definitely helped the budget and helps to add dimension to the bathroom too.

If you can fit it into your budget, it is definitely worth spending a little more on good tiles. The patterns and textures in tiles differ dramatically and can have a surprisingly big impact on how premium your bathroom renovation looks.

TIP: Visit a few different tile stores from budget to high-end. It won't take long before you can tell the difference between a quality tile and a cheaply made one. Do your research and shop around.

When you start moving into large format tiles, you will find cheaper versions often aren't straight and have a kink to them. This makes it almost impossible to end up with a straight floor or wall - no matter how good your tiler is! 

TIP: Find a good tiler. They are worth their weight (plus some) in gold.

#littletoorak bathroom after. Bathroom Renovation. Carrara marble hexagon tiles. walk-in-shower. rain shower head. shower ledge.

#littletoorak bathroom after. Bathroom renovation. Carrara marble hexagon tiles. Bathroom plants. Grey bathroom.

From the the very beginning I had my heart set on a feature wall in marble hexagon tiles. Stunning! But do you know how expensive they are? I almost fell off my chair when I started looking into it. The best deal I could find was $175/sqm! Ouch! I tried to find other areas in the bathroom I could skimp on so I could splurge on my hexagons; but it was either no toilet and no vanity or no hexagon tiles (and I wasn't too keen on continuing to use the service loo - not pretty). It was looking very grim, and just as I was about to give up and choose another tile... Gumtree came to the rescue! A builder had a client who changed their mind on their Carrara marble hexagon tiles (what were they thinking!?!), so their loss became my gain. $90/sqm... WIN! And I am so in love!

#littletoorak bathroom after. Bathroom renovation. Timber vanity. Carrara marble hexagon tiles. Grey bathroom. Concrete Tiles. Mirrored bathroom cabinet. Bathroom storage.

#littletoorak bathroom after. Carrara marble hexagon tiles. bathroom plants. bathroom accessories. shower ledge. grey bathroom.

To make the room appear as large as possible I went with 600x600mm porcelain floor tiles from Tera Nova, called Memory Mood Sheer. They have the most beautiful tones throughout and feel amazing underfoot! I continued these up and onto the ledge that runs the length of the bathroom to increase the sense of space. This ledge is both functional and aesthetic as it houses the plumbing and is a cute spot for all our soaps to sit in the shower. For the grout we went with a light grey to match in with the floor tiles and bring out the tones in the beautiful grey tones in the Carrara marble. I went floor to ceiling on the remaining walls with matte white 300x600mm tiles also from Tera Nova

#littletoorak bathroomafter. Modern inexpensive toilet. Timber vanity. Grey bathroom.

We went with an inexpensive, but good looking toilet. Dang there are some ugly toilets out there! It works really well so far, is comfy and has a soft closing toilet seat. All-round tick. 

#littletoorak bathroom after. Bathroom Storage. Mirrored cabinet. Timber vanity. Grey bathroom.

We went from virtually zero storage to storage overload, and I'm loving it. We had the shell of the mirrored cabinets custom made to fit the space and had the mirrors fitted by the crew at Glory Glass in Caulfield. The mirrored cabinets go right to the ceiling which is good for both storage and making the room look BIG. We also had the shell of the vanity custom made, and with some help from my bro, I made the timber panels for the sides and drawer fronts. It turned out even better than I had envisaged and really softens the bathroom. The timber is messmate which I picked up from Urban Salvage in Spotswood. The Caroma basin was another bargain Gumtree find and the vanity top is an off-cut from the our smartstone Carrara kitchen bench-top slab.

#littletoorak bathroom after. Timber vanity. Grey bathroom. Carrara marble.

#littletoorak bathroom after. Timber vanity. Grey bathroom. Carrara marble.

I went with chrome fixtures as they look classic and clean. I initially wanted to do rose gold / copper or matte black but the first were wayyyyyyy tooooooo expensive and most of the matte black fittings in stores were starting to chip. So I decided to go with the chrome and I think it all ties in nicely. 

For the finishing touches we installed a fan to keep the mould away, a heat lamp (an absolute must to brave Melbourne winter mornings) and one LED downlight (any more and it would have been blinding!) We also installed an LED strip around the mirrored cabinet which was a fun and inexpensive touch. The light in the evening is soft and warm, and gives the bathroom a romantic feel at night. Topped off with some indoor plants (of course) and gorgeous accessories; the #littletoorak bathroom is complete!

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I would love to know your thoughts on how the #littletoorak bathroom turned out? And if you have any questions please fire away below!

Ash X

Mar 31, 2020

I would love to buy the vanity and sink. Where did you buy it?

Laurie Starks
Mar 31, 2020

This is beautiful! Would you mind sharing the manufacturer and style of the toilet?

Mar 31, 2020

Hi there. I’m about to undertake our own bathroom renovation and our dimensions are pretty close to yours. Can I ask where did you get your custom vanity made and how much did it cost? We also love the ledge and continuous mirror idea

Feb 26, 2019

Hi Linda Lane,
Thank you :) The measurements are 1.6m wide x 2.5m long.
Best wishes,

Feb 26, 2019

What is the size (measurements) of this room? It’s really beautiful, not sure my space is big enough.

linda lane

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