Slowly but surely our #littletoorak bathroom is coming together. We managed to sell our (60 year old) toilet pan on Gumtree for $80. Whaaaat? Apparently right-hand skew toilet pans are hard to come by. So much waste goes into landfill when you are renovating so it's great when something can be reused. Someone also picked up the yellow vanity and we had interest in the bath but unfortunately due to its size (and cast iron weight), we couldn't get it down the stairs without cutting it in half!

Without a doubt, the most exciting moment of the whole renovation was when the tiles started going up in the bathroom. You finally get to see all your plans and hard work come together. Here is the progress so far...

Let the demolition begin!

The bath was more difficult to remove than expected.

Half a bath! The only way we could get it out of the apartment!

Demo complete - new walls going up.

Waterproofing underway.

And the best bit - seeing the tiles start to go up!

Stay tuned for the full bathroom reveal!

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