Introducing #littletoorak! Our little two bedroom apartment in the heart of Toorak, Melbourne. We have also been known to refer to her as "the servants quarters" because she about 1/100th of the size of your average Toorak residence. Still, she is in a great location and the larger your house the more you have to clean... Right!?! #littletoorak will also be our first ever renovation (hopefully of many)! Eek! So I thought I would bring you all along for the ride.

#littletoorak is in a 1950's apartment block, which was apparently built for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games (fun fact). She is also complete with 1950's character... high ceilings, loads of natural light, beautiful wooden floorboards, a good size living/dining area and a HUGE master bedroom. You won't find that in a new apartment building. However, there are also a few not so desirable characteristics... pokey, dated kitchen, falling apart canary yellow bathroom, water damage, old electrics and rusty steel window frames. The entire apartment is screaming out for repairs and a serious update.

The back story...

My husband Jon bought #littletoorak 10 years ago when he first moved to Melbourne for work. He lived in it for a couple of years without making any changes (except fixing a gas leak and adding some shelves to the kitchen). A few years later we met and not long after, we moved to Sydney and later Auckland, New Zealand. We were away from Melbourne for 6 years all up, and that time absolutely flew by. While we were away #littletoorak was a rental, and she really wasn't very well looked after. Things were starting to fall apart and it took us 3 full days to clean the place top-to-bottom to get it habitable again (this is a story on bad property managers for another time).

When we moved back from New Zealand 4 months ago we moved straight into #littletoorak. All our moving boxes were delivered to the apartment too, so we have been surrounded by cardboard ever since. We didn't want to unpack much because we knew everything was going to get dusty with the renovation; so we have basically been camping. 2 mugs, 2 plates, 2 sets of cutlery, 2 chairs... you get my drift. Needless to say I am VERY excited to get this renovation started.

Jon and I have been working together on planning the #littletoorak reno. We are currently sitting in the living room on deck chairs, working on a fold-out trestle table  – it's all style here at the moment. We are both rather strong minded when it comes to what we like and what we think will work; so needless to say there have been a few 'heated discussions'. But whatever doesn’t kill you/your relationship makes you stronger… Right? 

I am  very excited to see how it all comes together! Stay tuned.

Ash x

#littletoorak living/dinging before#littletoorak living/dining area - before

#littletoorak bathroom before
#littletoorak bathroom - before

#littletoorak bathroom before#littletoorak bathroom - before: Jon scrubbing the ceiling mould...eek!

#littletoorak kitchen before#littletoorak kitchen - before: Jon working his cleaning magic again. [Even though it doesn't look like it... I did do some cleaning too :S].

#littletoorak kitchen before#littletoorak kitchen - before

#littletoorak cleaningCleaning #littletoorak: If these are the light switches, can you imagine the state of the rest of the place!

#littletoorak master bedroom before#littletoorak master bedroom - before

#littletoorak master bedroom wardrobe before#littletoorak master bedroom wardrobe - before

BoxesBoxes, boxes and more boxes!

#littletoorak water damage#littletoorak ceiling water damage

#littletoorak old steal casement windows#littletoorak old steal casement windows